How to make your own stereo-photography

P.Gidon Version du 2/1/2006:

Make your own 3-D pictures :

The real dificulties of 3D stereo is the choosing of the viewing method. There is no good choice. Only anaglyph seems simple, but it is not good in all cases. It is the more simple for the web, so it's my choice.

So it is just a begining. If you want to do stereo picture in all case, you need to synchronised 2 cameras. Shadow, couds, animals, human beeing... move permanently and you can't catch her in 2 time at the same place. Only a company stay at work RBT. Many do there own stereo camera with a "LANC controller". New methode will come probably.

You can chose a traditional computer program for images and make stereo as well. Photoshop works well, but you need to learn more.

But I want to make anaglyphs, how I do that ?

A color video monitor makes color with three pigments: Red, Green, and Blue. In the digitized image there are three layers of data, one for each color. Some computer programs (like Photoshop, or may be Paintshop) let you separate and re-associate these layers.
So the technique is simple. Separate the layers for the left and right images. Associate the red layer from the left image and the green and blue layer from the right image, and the anaglyph is done.

How to separate the layers in Photoshop (not in the limited edition)?
Go in the menu "window", choose "show layers". In the pop-up sub menu when you click on the left arrow of the small window "layers", you have the commands.

The storage of an analglyph is commonly done in jpeg format. Jpeg compressor change a little bit the color. So choose a small compression level to have a good image. If the compression level is too high some litle gost apeared in the anaglyph image.

How I can present stereo (on computer) without anaglyph.? (Please don't forget slides, it's far more better)

You have no time, no courage, no money, to make stereophoto, so find hidden stereo images!

If you make drawing with a 3D computer program, draw it in stereo!

How can I do hyperstereo from a plane?

A talk behind a window.


I'm searching for explanations. May be you can find it in the FAQ (mixted French and English)



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